Making gravlax.

A few weeks ago, as Winter began to loosen its grip on Northeast Ohio, I woke up early one Saturday determined to extract every bit of daylight from the day. I had been ready for spring for ages. The frigid temperatures had seeped into my bones and my mood, leaving everything gray and cold. I was determined to make something … More Making gravlax.

Travelogue: Chattanooga trip, days 3-5.

I returned from my travels last week and I’m still sifting through all my photos and notes. The brainstorming and outlining have begun. I’ll post links to the finished travel stories once they’re published, which looks to be sometime in January 2015. I’ve got a great angle with the food/restaurant story. It was Friday night and … More Travelogue: Chattanooga trip, days 3-5.

Stove off. Travel on.

Though I did recently make a variation on this Finnish flatbread, my oven and stove haven’t seen much action recently. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had great meals. In the past few weeks I’ve visited an Ohio City staple, Market Garden Brewery, which was exceptional as always; stopped for a kick ass burger at Fox & Hound … More Stove off. Travel on.

Diet debauchery: my nostalgic weekend food binge

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I spent the weekend in Athens, Ohio, home to my alma mater, Ohio University. I went to visit one of my old roommates/friend who lives and works in Athens, and to see OU’s CHAMPION HOCKEY TEAM participate in an American Cancer Society charity tournament. The opposing … More Diet debauchery: my nostalgic weekend food binge

Will travel for gravy.

I’ve been thinking about travel recently. Specifically, how I say I want to but somehow I seem to just stay put. Granted, I’m just a stone’s throw away from being a modern day hermit. Personally, I love the sound of the word “hermitage,” which is a hermit’s dwelling/residence/hideaway. Some may think creepy, and yet I … More Will travel for gravy.