Herbaceous Part 2: Read on, if you’ve got the thyme.

Dear readers, you should expect cheesy blog post titles with this herb series. There is no level in corny word play to which I will not sink. I first tackled sage, which was highlighted in a mushroom and sage risotto. Following that is thyme. Thyme, one of the most widely used herbs, is found very … More Herbaceous Part 2: Read on, if you’ve got the thyme.

Chow’dah time.

This soup should start with bacon, but since it is Lent the pig must go. Any other time and…well, BACON. It is what I missed most when I was a vegetarian, although the veggie bacon I did eat wasn’t bad at all. Actually, it was a lot easier to make and way less messy. Moving … More Chow’dah time.

Hello sandwich time.

So that idea I had to use my Ginger and Sweet Potato Latkes in a veggie version of a bánh mì resulted in a ridiculously good sandwich. What knocked this sandwich out of the park for me was the Spicy-Sweet Quick Pickles. I followed the pickle directions from this Catfish bánh mì by Five And Spice recipe and … More Hello sandwich time.

We have a winner.

Want a quick dinner or fairly guilt-free snack? How about a two-bite, crunchy potato pancake that has a taste of the exotic? The you need these Ginger Sweet Potato Latkes. What I now call the fried kidney bean disaster of 2012 kind of put me off trying to fry things. That is until tonight, when … More We have a winner.

Will travel for gravy.

I’ve been thinking about travel recently. Specifically, how I say I want to but somehow I seem to just stay put. Granted, I’m just a stone’s throw away from being a modern day hermit. Personally, I love the sound of the word “hermitage,” which is a hermit’s dwelling/residence/hideaway. Some may think creepy, and yet I … More Will travel for gravy.

Cooking with Nigella.

I know this was a “holiday” week where I really only worked Tuesday through Friday, but gosh it felt longer. I did, however, love coming home putting on my flannel PJs with the coffee cups on them and sinking into my couch for a few hours of reading my Christmas presents. Santa, cleverly disguised as … More Cooking with Nigella.

Enter the fall.

Fall has finally come to the northern hemisphere. From here on out it is mainly about roasting veggies, drinking apple cider and baking cookies – at least for me anyway. To celebrate I decided to make beef stew. I love beef stew; it’s just what a crisp night needs. A thick sauce studded with chunks … More Enter the fall.