Making gravlax.

A few weeks ago, as Winter began to loosen its grip on Northeast Ohio, I woke up early one Saturday determined to extract every bit of daylight from the day. I had been ready for spring for ages. The frigid temperatures had seeped into my bones and my mood, leaving everything gray and cold. I was determined to make something … More Making gravlax.

Soft baked eggs with a pretentious French name.

Actually, ‘oeufs en cocottes’ isn’t that pretentious. It means ‘egg casserole’ (at least per Google translate) but most translate it as ‘eggs in pots.’ Saying the French name just makes me feel like an ass. Perhaps it is my horrid pronunciation (likely) or my habit of sticking my nose in the air when attempting–and failing–to … More Soft baked eggs with a pretentious French name.