My Whole30 Experience

Welp, here it is, my Whole30 Experience.  I’ve put together a slideshow of my Whole30 Instagram photos I took in the name of “accountability.” They serve a scientific evidentiary purpose! From May 16 to June 15, I ate no dairy, sugar, gluten, grains, alcohol, or legumes. Overall, I enjoyed the Whole30 experience. I felt that … More My Whole30 Experience

Whole 30 Challenge

In January, I decided that 2017 would be the year of personal challenges. Each challenge would last about a month, and I’d see if I grew from that experience. The results have been…err, well, mixed to say the least. January: Not using the credit card. Fully successful until the final week in January when I … More Whole 30 Challenge

Making gravlax.

A few weeks ago, as Winter began to loosen its grip on Northeast Ohio, I woke up early one Saturday determined to extract every bit of daylight from the day. I had been ready for spring for ages. The frigid temperatures had seeped into my bones and my mood, leaving everything gray and cold. I was determined to make something … More Making gravlax.