Zucchini Pancakes.

The end of summer/early fall squashes remain a constant in the weekly CSA bag. This past weekend I made another batch of Butternut Squash Soup (sans cream this time), and baked two spaghetti squashes to serve with a garlicky, cashew basil pesto.

We’re all squashed out in my house.

Then there’s the zucchini, which is still squash. Before I made these pancakes we have four just sitting on the counter. It’s cool enough in the evenings that no one really feels like firing up the Weber kettle to grill slices of zucchini (or courgette for all you UK readers).

Of course I’d turn to Ina Garten for a solution. She is my culinary queen after all. This recipe is simple and not fussy. It even works when you forget the baking powder!

Zucchini Pancakes, adapted from Ina Garten’s recipe on FoodNetwork.com


2 small to medium zucchini, grated

1 Tbs. red onion, grated

2 eggs

8 Tbs. all-purpose flour

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. black pepper

unsalted butter and oil, for frying

sour cream, Greek yogurt and hot sauce, for serving


  1. Combine the first six ingredients in a large bowl, add more flour if needed to counteract the water in the zucchini.unnamed-4
  2. Heat butter/oil in a 10- or 12-inch frying pan over medium to medium-high heat.  Drop rounded tablespoons of zucchini batter into the oil and fry on either side for 3-4 minutes or until golden brown.unnamed-1
  3. Serve hot with some sour cream or Greek yogurt and hot sauce!unnamed

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