Travelogue: Chattanooga trip, days 3-5.

I returned from my travels last week and I’m still sifting through all my photos and notes. The brainstorming and outlining have begun. I’ll post links to the finished travel stories once they’re published, which looks to be sometime in January 2015.

I’ve got a great angle with the food/restaurant story. It was Friday night and we were sitting down to a nice Italian dinner at a restaurant in Cleveland, Tennessee, when the executive chef/owner comes over to the table to talk to us. It had been a long day, lots of learning about the Cherokee Trail of Tears, visiting memorials and quietly crying in a cramped minivan. So the chef–a really, really nice dude–starts talking about the vision of the restaurant and how it came about…and I’m not really listening.

It was a rude move on my part, agreed. But then he’s asked if he was originally from Tennessee and he said, “No, I actually moved when I was a kid from Cleveland, Ohio. So I moved from Cleveland to Cleveland.”

There’s my story intro. A Cleveland kid making good in another Cleveland.

In the meantime, here are some final pictures of me fly fishing on the Hiwassee River (I caught a fish!) and the Bald River/Baby falls.



While trying to get a picture of me holding the fish I caught, the fish wriggled out of my hands a couple of times and flopped around in the boat. The photo below is the only shot we have of me actually “holding” said fish.





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