S’more comin’ soon!

Haven’t cooked much lately. I did make banana nut scones recently. It seems scones are a big part of my culinary repertoire. I’ve done cranberry, carrot cake, and chocolate ginger. I’ve also made fresh strawberry scones but I didn’t blog about them.

Anyway, our propane grill recently completely died and it forced us to dig out that old bag of charcoal and nearly empty bottle of lighter fluid and fire up the old Weber grill. Fun fact, I actually won the grill when I was two-years-old. They had a “guess the number of Legos in this display” contest at K-mart and my parents put my name on a ticket with a number. The store called our house asking for me and my dad said, “She’s taking a nap.”

I wish that luck had stuck with me for the recent lottery drawing!

The point of this is that using the Weber meant s’mores! Now, I’m sure I could have made s’mores just as well with the gas grill, but there’s something about charring marshmallows over smouldering, ashy coals. It just adds something.

Here are some photos from the recent s’more cookout.

photo(3)I swear the coals are hot, see the browning on the right?

photo(2)Here’s where I pull my sweatshirt over my hand because I’m basically cooking it trying to get a toasty marshmallow.

photo(1)Mega mallow smoosh.

photoMore mallow smooshing action.

And of course, no s’more talk would be complete without this iconic movie clip:

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