Culinary Limbo.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I have had CCBNS since Dec. 20, 2011. CCBNS, or Christmas Cookie Break Now Syndrome, started when nice and caring colleagues bring in all manner of sweet treats baked with love. It is horrible.

I mean, the goodies are lovely and delicious, but my sugar intake has skyrocketed and I find myself wandering to the cookie plate more than I should. It doesn’t help that the “feeding station” is on top of the short filing cabinet right next to my desk. I’m moving that tomorrow to the perfectly adequate, and in fact much more suitable, location of the wooden conference table in the back of the newsroom.

It is a really good thing I don’t own a scale.

I got to spend Christmas with the family, which was fantastic as per usual. The night before Christmas Eve was spent with friends, many of whom I had not seen in months if not years.

But the week between Christmas and New Years is like culinary limbo, at least for me. With just a four-day workweek, and then heading back to my parents’ house on Friday, I don’t have much time to cook.

To supplement my current diet mainstay of slowly staling (is that a word? Check yes) Christmas cookies, I’ve gone to the tried and true quick meals that are not prepared in a microwave.

Lizzie’s Tuna Salad


1 can tuna packed in water (make sure it has the dolphin safe seal – SAVE FLIPPER!)

2 or 3 stalks fresh celery, diced

2 Tbs. dill relish

1/4 cup plain greek yogurt

black pepper to taste

1 1/2 tsp. whole grain mustard (optional)

sriracha for serving (optional)

pocket pita bread


1. Rinse and drain tuna. Combine tuna, celery, relish, yogurt and mustard. Season with black pepper (and salt if you need it) to taste.

2. Serve stuffed into pocket pitas and drizzle with sriracha for an extra bite. This is also good served over a bed of lettuce or on a toasted sesame bagel.


This is really as close as I get to cooking during weird vacation/holiday weeks. Since I don’t care for mayonnaise, I usually substitute greek yogurt in any recipe that calls for mayo. It has less fat, more protein and is overall better for a person. Plus yogurt has all those probiotics … or whatever good thing Jamie Lee Curtis is hawking these days on TV.

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