The cooking I didn’t do.

For the past few months I have been stockpiling recipes, drooling over foodie magazines and wandering the supermarket aisles just thinking of all the possibilities.

What I haven’t been doing is any real cooking. I can think of two things that actually made me use the stove: caramelizing shallots and making rice. Seriously, I’ve been such a bad cook.

But, now September is here. And the past two days have been wonderfully crisp – just perfect early fall weather. I wore my cute, heeled, black leather boots today. It was lovely.

There’s something about the colder months that just lights the cooking fires. Sorry for sounding cheesy—mmm, cheese—but fall and winter just scream, “Cook you little fool!”

In July, I took a vacation to Chautauqua, New York, to visit friends and my old stomping grounds. It was a blissful long weekend, and it ended way too soon.

During my internship with The Chautauquan Daily, the newspaper for Chautauqua Institution, I grew very fond of Afterwords Cafe. The name of the coffee shop stems from when the building used to house the newspaper, hence the cafe is “after words.” Too cute.

Anyway, they have these ridiculously good brownies. They bake two sheets of thin, fudgy brownies, and leave one whole and dice the other. Then the top the whole brownie with caramel, pecans, the diced brownie and second layers of caramel and pecans. The result is pure heaven.


Umm, seconds anyone? Yes, please.


I plan on making these in the coming weeks. Check back soon.

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