A classic night in.

We’re short handed at work, and as a consequence, my cooking has down down the tube.

Now when I stop by the grocery store, I try to pick up things that are already semi-ready to eat or take little additional preparation. After work I’ve found myself just lying on the couch looking at my kitchen and thinking, “It’s 8:30 p.m., I should probably have dinner.”

Cut to me, with a plate of spinach, tomato and avocado splashed with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. That’s a good night. Too often, at least lately, it’s been Wendy’s drive thru, “Yes, I’ll have a number 6, no mayo with a diet coke.”

Seriously, not a way to live. If it’s not Wendy’s it’s usually Subway, I admit I am a crazy big fan of them having avocado now. I love avocado. Really, probably the biggest draw to live in California for any reason. If I made a list of reason for living in California, which let’s be honest I have, topping it would be: #1) easy access to avocados, #2) the beach and #3) proximity to Jake Gyllenhaal. In that order. (Also, I admit I had to Google how to spell his name because he’s pretty, but I’ve seen about five of his movies and one of them was “Bubble Boy.” I judged him rather severely after that, although “October Sky” remains a favorite.)

Moving on from the land of glitz and glam, and back to my atrocious eating habits of late. I vow to be better. It starts after I get back from my parents for Father’s Day, which Dad, if you’re reading umm… SURPRISE! I’m coming home. Have the washing machine empty please. I love you. I have a present but I’m not telling what it is.

Tonight, I’ve been watching episodes of Nigella Lawson’s “Nigella Feasts” on YouTube. It’s been, as Nigella would say, a “gorgeous” experience. She’s a funny gal, and just proves that the English like their peas mashed and eat a lot more lamb than Americans do.

I’m posting the “Exotic Evening” episode, in which Nigella creates an entire Morrocan/Turkish meal with “kidney bean hummos.” It looks like poo. That’s my only criticism.

So here’s to better, future attempts. I, however, will not be making any type of hummos that remotely resembles poo. I stand firm on that point.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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