YouTube junkie

Hi. My name is Liz and I have been a YouTube addict for about four years. YouTube is possibly the best thing to hit the Internet since, well, ever.

Granted, much of the content on YouTube is tween and teenaged girls going crazy over the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber – those are some hyper fangirls. I can’t imagine something like YouTube when I was growing up in the 1990s. I was, and lets face it still am, a big Backstreet Boys fan. Judge me if you want, but they were the princes of bubblegum pop from 1997-2000 and every young girl loved every single minute of their sappy love songs.

Although I am an avid viewer of YouTube videos I have never posted a video myself. Mainly because anything I would make would be incredibly boring. Oh, watch as I stare awkwardly at a camera and look like an idiot. No thank you.

The best thing about YouTube, in my opinion, is the ease that people can share their gifts and knowledge. Every time I pull up YouTube I find another amazing short film, music video or comedy sketch that makes my jaw drop.

All this being said, I would like to share some of my favorite videos with you and tell you why they are my favorite.


Barats and Bereta: The comedy videos of YouTube user Barats and Bereta were some of the first videos I watch on YouTube. Featuring the comedic stylings of Luke Barats and Joe Bereta, these videos will have you laughing your head off. Their videos have had more than 100 million views combined. Their video titled “Gonzaga Love” was the first Barats and Bereta video I watched and it is still a favorite.

Coming in second and third place for my favorite comedy videos are YouTube users whatthebuckshow and CollegeHumor.


This is a popular video, more than 1 million views, and it has been featured on the major news networks. I don’t care if it is over exposed, these kids are amazing and I love it!

Runners up for favorite music videos are the YouTube Symphony Competition and nprmusic.


These are the videos that I just can’t stop watching over and over again. I hope you enjoy them.

Jane Austen Fight Club

This is hysterical. I’m a huge Austen fan and I also love the movie “Fight Club.” I think Austen would approve wholeheartedly.

Top Gear videos

I’ve been watching the Brit TVshow “Top Gear” for a few years now. They have tons of videos on YouTube but this one is the last one I watched. Host James May is trying to beat two parkour champs to an end destination. The car is nondescript but the parkour guys are awesome. How do they not break every bone in their body learning how to do those stunts?

What are some of your favorite videos on YouTube?

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