Good vacation = food + friends

Hello Readers! Sorry for the absence, but the last few weeks of the quarter are always fairly heavy. Currently I am on spring break in Panama City Beach, Florida. The weather is lovely and the company even better.

My roommate K’s Aunt and Uncle were kind enough to invite all four roommies to their home for spring break. They live right on the Gulf of Mexico and have their own private beach…Hello heaven? My hosts are so kind and welcoming, I can’t thank them enough.

Roommie A (left) and Roomie E soaking in the sun on the Gulf of Mexico.

Thanks to their location, we’ve managed to stay away from the crowds of “typical” spring breakers (i.e. the drunks and girls going wild). We left on Monday morning at 6 AM (Eastern standard time) and arrived at 9:30 PM (Central standard time). Before leaving, I was able to go home and spend the weekend with my parents and grandparents.

While at my grandparents, my mother told me that I was not to be photographed drunk, topless and standing under a Bacardi fountain. She said this in front of my father, grandparents and two cousins. Did I mention that my cousins are Catholic nuns?

I love my mom.

My parents engagement picture, circa 1972. They’re so adorable!

The drive down was fun. I was surprisingly giddy despite leaving at six in the morning. I am always slightly put off when I have to rise before the sun.

Food and traveling tend not to mix well. Inevitably we stopped at a couple McDonalds. I had a regrettable fish filet, but luckily I packed snacks for the car. I brought bottled water, wheat thins and pancakes.

Yes, I said pancakes.

I had milk that was going sour and decided that I would make pancakes. BEST IDEA EVER! Pancakes are, hands down, the best road food. It could get a little sticky if you’re a syrup person, but I like them plain.

Since arriving in Florida the food has been superb. It is all about the seafood. When in Rome, right? I’ve had phenomenal shrimp and grits (a must have in the South) and a killer blackened tuna BLT (roommie E ate the bacon, she said it was delicious–there are times when I regret this vegetarian thing).

As we were driving back from the tuna BLT lunch today we stopped at Target for a bathroom break and some casual shopping. It was there that I discovered my new favorite chocolate.


Where has this been all my life? Lindt Excellence Chili Dark = utter awesomeness in my mouth. At first the dark chocolate is rich and creamy on the tongue. Then, a subtle heat coyly plays with your tastebuds. I would go so far as to say this is seriously sexy chocolate. I know what I want in my Easter basket!

What are your favorite road foods?

Favorite candy you like in your Easter basket?

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