Chikin’ and Cameras

The holidays being officially over — for, like, two weeks now — I am finally able to resume my adventures in blogging.

This past holiday season was my final at Waldenbooks at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted, Ohio. Sadly it is going out of business. I will miss all the people who made mall retail work fun. They were three Christmases I will not soon forget.

My trusty HP camera died on me in early November. Aside from school and work, this was another reason that led to my vacation from blogging. I received my old camera as a present from my parents the summer before college began. It lasted a good four years.

I’ve always considered my self a fairly decisive person. Left. Right. Up. Down. Yes. No. I am great at monosyllabic answers — especially when on the phone — Mom is the talker of the family. When it came to choosing a new camera, however, I was completely lost.

I knew I wanted a nicer camera. I was looking for one that would take quality, professional photos that I could put on the blog. Yesterday I found one…rather my roommate, a.k.a. the visual communication major, picked one out for me. The sales guy would ask me a question, I would look at her and she would either nod or shake her head. It was a good system. Here’s a photo of her taken with my new camera!

You can visit her blog here and read about her summer trip to China!

Now that I have a camera again, I can describe what I’ve been eating and cooking. Let me start with tonight’s dinner. A MorningStar Farms Chik’ Patties (original flavor) sandwich with steamed broccoli. The broccoli was good.

Allow me to clarify. I generally enjoy MorningStar Farms veggie meats. Their Spicy Black Bean Burgers kick other plain soy burgers asses.  And their Bacon Strips — stuff of legend! It makes my entire appartment smell like bacon, which is the best part about bacon (in my opinion). The package should read, “WITH REAL BACON SMELL!”

The Chik’ Patties, however, were disappointing. The smelled like the chicken patties you had in school lunches but that’s where the resemblance to chicken ended. I followed the microwave directions on the box and…well, it was hot. It kept its patty shape even when I was eating it. Flavor was on the bland side and the breaded coating got soggy. Chik’ Patties (original flavor) grade: D

Here’s a picture of my broccoli, which was steamed to perfection.

Now, I realize that there is some debate around faux meat products. I lean in favor of the faux meat because it is an easy meal.

Where do you stand on the faux meat debate? For or against?

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