Veggie Soup for the Sick One’s Soul

Fall arrived on September 22, and she brought a present: illness.

Yep, I am sick. Which is odd because I – usually – have the immune system of a horse. And this isn’t just some mousy little sniffle and cough number. At the beginning I sounded like a veteran chain-smoker with a drinking problem. It was so bad that on Friday I actually went to my college’s med center, which for various reasons I like to avoid. I mean it was an honest mistake, and a very unusual case…but SERIOUSLY?!

I, however, received very good care, and am happy to report am on the mend. I have my huge antibiotic horse pill to fight the infection, and my mega-dose of ibuprofen to keep my 100 plus degree fever I’ve been running under control.

The food situation is mostly tea, vegetable soup, water and mini bow-tie pasta with alfredo sauce. Don’t judge.

I wish I had pictures of my homemade veggie soup to show you, but I ate it all. It had carrots, celery, onions, garlic, basmati rice, tomatoes, black beans, and yellow bell peppers. Most of those were leftover from a curry I made earlier in the week. I just chopped some more carrots, celery and onions and put them together. The rice was a “I’m going to clean out the fridge” afterthought.

Aside from copious amounts of soup, I’ve been watching far too much television. I’m a TV addict, however, I think I’ve reached my “America’s Next Top Model” limit. If I hear that shrill yell of “TYRA MAIL” one more time, I might stab my TV, which would be bad.

By the way, if you (read: Mom) were wondering, I DO NOT have the swine flu (H1N1).

What do you like to eat when you’re sick? Any old family cures?

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