1, 2, 3 — BLOG!

Robert Frost had two roads that diverged in a yellow wood, he took the one less traveled, and it made all the difference. Still, I have one question:

If given the opportunity, what would Frost have done with a blog?

As you, dear Reader, ponder the question above, allow me to explain the reasoning behind this blog.

The Crusty Bits is not my first blogging attempt, although I hope it will be more successful than my other efforts. I’m not talking wildly popular, but three views would be nice. Five will elicit a happy dance. More than that and I may just combust from sheer disbelief.

What is that, dear Reader? Oh, what type of blog will this be?

Blogs should have a driving force, a focus, a purpose…sure as hell wish I had one of those!

I joke (mostly). I do have ambition and a purpose – they just haven’t presented themselves clearly…yet. What I do know is that I am passionate about five things: family, friends, food, travel, and books.

I also watch way too much television, but I just couldn’t put it down as a passion, because somehow that sounds undeniably pathetic (despite its truth).

I have been infected by the travel bug so badly that I can’t decide where to go or what to do first. I believe I possess a crazy daredevil soul, which is hidden under the good sense of Elinor Dashwood. My driving record is pristine because I drive like James May, but my driving attitude is more like Jeremy Clarkson.

I’m a storyteller and I’d like to share some with you, dear Reader. Topics will most likely stay within my five passion range. Although – fair warning – if something epic happens on one of my TV shows, you will be informed.

“So just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful trip…”

Until next time.

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